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Originally Posted by TepidFish View Post
Haha those are exactly my sentiments of Spinox. I feel 4G and BBO are the closest in comparing "Name-Brand" strings. They could just be really tension sensitive... I found when strung at or above 55lbs they played too stiff and boardy, where as stringing them below 50lbs sacrificed too much control.

Personal preference I suppose as well. My brother uses 4G & BBO in his setup and when I purchased sets of Spinox I gave him one to try. He said it felt pretty close to 4G/BBO just tension maintenance was pretty poor.

I am a big fan of Red Devil! I bought a set of it along with Blackout to compare during my experimenting phase, and ended up buying a reel of it over Blackout.

Couldn't feel a big difference between the two since I was stringing it in the crosses, so I went with Red Devil for cosmetic reasons.

Which gauge did you buy your reel in?
1.19, will try thinner one next time. I think thinner string may just suit me better.

One thing I noticed about Red Devil, the color of the set I had is bit different comparing to the reel. The set has deeper and darker red color, the reel is closer to orange. And I felt they also had slightly different feel, or maybe it was just in my head?
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