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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
It's interesting: You make concessions for Gonzalez (and I agree) but NOT for Rosewall who succeeded much more at W. than Pancho...
You have inadvertently revealed why I have given Gonzales more concessions than Rosewall for not winning W: because he wa clearly far from his best when he played there (hence his sub-par performances by his great standards).

Rosewall on the other hand won FOUR major titles between 1953-1956 and FOUR again between 1968-1972, so he was undoubtedly one of the world's very best at the time. Yet in those same years he could not win the Wimbledon finals in four attempts. This doesn't mean he is not a great player but it does mean he is not GOAT. Please understand that.

Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
The age issue works for Pancho but not for Muscles? Interesting view.

May I remember you that Rosewall reached his peak not at 21 but at about 25, 26? And he was about 6 (six) years past his prime when he beat Roche and lost to Newcombe in five after gruelling singles and doubles matches!

Is this so difficult to understand?

There is a tiny difference between Borg and Rosewall: Borg played US Open in his prime while Rosewall not...
Rosewall actually maintained a consistently high level for many years as you know. The definition of when his 'prime' was is debatable for me. Certainly there were only a few years when he was the top pro. In all likelihood he would have been beaten by Gonzales, Hoad (as he was in 1956) and later Laver at Wimbledon (as he was in the 1967 pro tournament). The fact is that Rosewall could not psychologically cope with winning at Wimbledon, whether an amateur or pro, so he never did.

You should content yourself with Rosewall beig the best never to win Wimbledon, rather than the GOAT. It would be better for your health.

PS. Calling him Muscles displays your fanboyism.
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