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Default Gamesmanship or Crazy

Was waiting for a guy who was a few minutes late to a match so I was practicing serves on the court we were supposed to meet up on. The guy I'm playing with walks onto the court. Instead of grabbing his racket he starts yelling at the people playing doubles next to us that they should have stopped their point to let him walk through and they had bad etiquette. That argument lasted about 2-3 minutes. I was worried what this guy was gonna do.

Then in warmups he almost exclusively hit drop shots the entire time. I'd feed a ball, he'd slice a drop shot. Or he would feed, i'd hit, and he'd hit a drop shot.

After that fiasco he actually was a pretty nice and normal guy. He didn't hit all drop shots and I ended up winning 3&1 and he was gracious.

So was it gamesmanship or is he nuts?
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