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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
I have no beef with your post(s) on the issue, as I said indoor season isn't what it used to be, tennis season is structured differently these days and that might be one of the reasons Nadal's numbers aren't somewhat better indoors and/or that you weren't informed enough about his performance indoors in general and against Fed.

Seriously, I doubt even the most die hard Nadal fans would argue he's Fed's equal indoors (obviously considering they posses all the relevant data), I'm not talking about saying Nadal's better on slow outdoor HC (because he leads their H2H on that surface) or on grass (because he beat him in 2008 Wimbledon final and Fed won his Wimbledons in supposedly weak era), those are biased viewpoints but they atleast have something going for them (even if I disagree with logic behind those assertions) but once you have all the data comparing Nadal and Fed indoors is as straightforward as it can possibly be (short of Fed double bageling Nadal in their every indoor meeting or something and I doubt even that would have been enough).

You all look down upon TMF but seriously, I've yet to see him argue that Fed is Nadal's equal on clay or something.
But I never thought Nadal was equal to Federer indoors. I just express surprise he really hasn't been that competitive and I was wondering what the reason was if there was any reason.

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