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Originally Posted by urban View Post
I have no interest to discuss things with tennis gurus and fanboys here...
That's great to hear, revered historian and authority on all things concerning tennis but don't worry, I'll try my best to keep away from former pro inner sanctum from now on.

Originally Posted by urban View Post
Now if some misrepresent and distort my statements, they should go on. I hope that some intelligent people here can read.
There's nothing to misrepresent or distort, nor is my reading comprehension lacking, your post was very clear and drawing conclusions from it requires little to no effort:

-Federer beat Nadal at WTF because Nadal's mind was already in DC final even though Spain wasn't even in the final in 2006, 2007 and 2010.

-Federer wins at YEC where due to top players merely showing up to collect their paychecks and not giving any effort.

-Shining example of Nadal's tennis ability indoors when he's motivated is him barely scraping past Ljubicic in Madrid.

-Nadal winning indoor hit and giggle exos against Fed show there's no gulf in their tennis abilities indoors because Nadal presumably takes exos more seriously than their encounters at WTF with ranking points and prize money at stake.

-Novak gave full effort at WTF this year because he wanted to show who's #1, him giving full effort and winning WTF back 2008 being due to mysterious reasons we've yet to discern.

I think that about covers the points you made in your splendid post.
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