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Great playing with Sap and Coolblue today!!!
I stayed up til 4am watching racquet review videos on youtube and woke up at noon.

I just put in a demo order for a Vcore Tour 89!!! Why do I do this?
I like serving with the igSpeeds.. and I keep the ball in play ok with them.. which is a big deal for me, but i just feel like they play boardy and and no plowthrough.
If I can serve with the Vcore89, I think I might just switch. I dunno. Why don't I just admit that I wish I had the hand/eye coordination of Hewitt and that I refuse to believe that my wristy-azz forehand and lack of any strength or technique makes it impossible for me to play with midsize racquets?
Well, I won't sell the Speeds, but might just add a vcore into the bag when the wife aint lookin!
I was watching me play a few points against Drakulie with the Vcore95D and i think my backhand and serve look good. The forehand looks wimpy and wristy, but i think i can fix that with a 1/2 grip! Yeah, thats the ticket!!!
I guess this is what I do every winter when there are only 3 hours of daylight and the rest of the day and all night I stare at the computer thinking I know how to play tennis. Then comes the spring 10months from now and I play some old lady and lose and decide to go back to tweener stick!
This is my life... guess Ill just embrace it and enjoy my distorted reality.
P.S. - still full from HALF of that burrito. pedro needs to cut back on the salsa though! ruined my white adidas jacket too. now it looks like camouflage hunting jacket after salsa and guacamole explosion on it.
good times... good times!

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