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Have not established myself as a business, stringing developed into a hobbie and rural PA isn't necessarily conducive to much stringing volume. However did still string just over my goal of 200 racquets this year.

Stocking strings probably my biggest challenge. Learned early on that suggesting strings rarely works for long-term players who were looking for something specific, or were chasing a string they heard or read about. Have found it's best to provide a wide selection, too explain the various strings and then let them decide.

This is my fourth year of stringing for others, just checked and I have 33 different string packages, and have about 8 different spools. Some cases, individuals who initally used a lot of a style switched, went on to college, moved or have given up the sport. Overall have found that the variety helps with new clients, and that stringing different strings adds to the enjoyment of this process.
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