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Originally Posted by Olybel View Post
I have caught myself recently that I produce bad feelings, tears or even anger in my kid while he is playing against me or other kids or training.

I was often saying: hit it earlier, not like that, now you are slow,late, or similar and I got reaction from him. Then I said to myself: What a hell am I doing? From super calm kid I was making my kid nervous and distracted? For what?

Then I stopped. I have made peace with him. I told him that I will not say him anything. Not good or bad.
I told him: Enjoy a sound when ball hits a racket properly, and when that is not happen, next ball will for sure so keep trying.

More he keeps trying, more he will achieve.It`s up to him.
Did you try using more of a positive reinforcement approach? Instead of saying to late, and that is wrong, your slow, reword it and say that's better way to take it out in front, you moved quicker to that one, keep it up, and also silence like you said.
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