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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
I put him at 6th all time, it's not that I discount his achievements in the amateur, pro or Open eras.

But come on, a man who never won Wimbledon, the game's biggest prize, in four final attempts, being GOAT?

That is a step too far, sir!

I'm glad that you put Rosewall at 6th place.

Rosewall could have lost 50 W. finals and yet would not be out of the GOAT issue if he lost 13 (thirteen!) years, especially his prime years! Jack Kramer, never a Rosewall admirer, wrote that Rosewall would have won FOUR Wimbledons in an always open era.

You can't expect a Wimbledon win from a player who lost his best years and 13 altogether to the pros (and to WCT quarrels in 1972 and 1973).

If you take away the missing Rosewall prime (or about prime) years (from 23 to 33)from Federer, Roger would not have a single Wimbledon win in his record!! The same with Sampras and Laver...

I just ask you to be fair to Muscles.

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