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Default Best Babolat Multi for spare stick?

What's the best Babolat multifilament for my spare stick?

I would ideally like to use natural gut, but seeing as the racquet will probably spend most of it's time on a shelf in my room, or in a sports-bag, I'm not sure that is the best choice. Am I wrong?

The racquet is different from my regular stick (I use a Wilson Steam 100) so matching is not an issue. I only use it to test strings, or to complete my session when the strings snap on my regular stick. Cost isn't an issue either as it's not my main stick. It's currently strung with Wilson Sensation 16g. I want to give Babolat a try. Maybe a 17g multi.

What Babolat multies do you like? I'd prefer control/feel over power if that helps.
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