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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Focus on getting that prestretch feeling in your arm. It feels like loading a slingshot and letting it release up and across the ball.

How you do this is a whole other conversation in itself. Hint: Pronate during the takeback.
Watching some of the pro's back swings, you can def see that their forearms do pronate (almost starting from when their off hand leaves the racquet) for at least their forehand takebacks because their palms are facing down and the racquet face that would make contact is parallel to the ground (or close to it) right before they go "low-to-high."

So there's pronation early before contact which relates to the racquet whipping around when you accelerate low-to-high to the ball. Is that pronation what causes the natural motion of the SSC aka the wrist turning over itself and finish "thumbs down" when you follow through across your body? Or is there another pronation just before/at contact that turns the wrist over and is mistaken for wrist action?

I asked the question above because I can achieve the "thumbs down" finish by using my wrist in a WW-esque follow through, but now want it to occur from the SSC. After looking into this subject and learning about keeping the palm back and down on the back swing, I want to make this my natural swing and break the habit of using my wrist (using it a lot, at least). I have changed some of my thinking from the very long post I have on page 7. The topic of ulnar deviation to flatten out a shot is interesting though, especially now that I understand what Toly was saying. I just can't see someone that uses a full western FW doing this - I tried a few air strokes and it never felt like I would be able to control where the ball went. Now, I do have a SW FW (and a pretty bad real western FW at that) and I can def imagine it working. It's just a little more slap to the ball.
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