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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
The Donnay Gold 99 for sure. I'd also add in the Head Prestige S, Dunlop M3.0 and Mantis Tour 305.
Hey Chris,

I've given this a little more thought, and I should mention that my Londons are probably in the 11.8-11.9oz. range, 5-6pts hl, and guessing, a SW of around 325-330. And to be honest, I don't have any desire to hit anything any lighter.

With that said, the only racquet on the list that gets into my preferred weight range is the Gold 99, and I'm sure that I'd weight it a bit. Therefore, I have two questions:

1) Would you still recommend the M 3.0, Mantis Tour 305, and Prestige S weighted up to my preferred specs? I would at least try them stock, but I really don't care for that light of a racquet, although I've always hit such a class of sticks, albeit customized. Even my old 300G's were customized to 11.8oz. And that's not to say that I'm stuck on a particular spec, considering that I hit the K-Blade 98 with as little as 4g at 3/9 and a grip counter. I guess what I need to know is that these suggestions are customizable frames that won't max out in the power dept., etc., short of weighting them to an acceptable balance of pop/control/stability.

2) What might you suggest, in addition to the Gold 99, that fits my preferred specs stock and that plays similarly to my modified Londons, assuming that you can imagine playing a London with the bumper covered with head tape, 3g at 3/9, 1.5g in the throat, and a Gamma Hi-Tech grip (or sometimes leather) with a Wilson Overgrip?

The heaviest stick that I've played was the C-10 Pro (0, and I liked it, but I prefer just a slightly more more modern feel---but ever so slightly, which is why I like a London-type frame. Thanks!

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