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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Yes, just watched vids of your serve again.
It's better than I first remembered, so I'll gladly give you 85 mph max on flat serves. You did hit some flats, and some slices.
I'd give GK an edge of at least 20 mph, his serves being top/sliced, no flats.
Remember those vids of my serves? They were with DunlopHDHardcourt balls, air temps at 9PM around 63, on slick cement courts. Twas March, in the SanFrancisco area, and 63 would be the hottest day from Jan thru 9PM.
I'd think both you guys served in much warmer temps, and used Penns or Wilsons, which bounce much higher.
Yeah, I'll agree that a current GK flat serve would hit the back fence on one bounce pretty hard (and I don't remember seeing any completely flat serves in his vids). So that would put his flat serve at around 100mph with seemingly good potential for 10 to 15 mph faster.

Re mph of my hardest flat serves. In order to hit the back fence hard on one bounce, a completely flat serve from my point of racquet contact has to be traveling at an average speed (between point of racquet contact and point of court contact) of around 75 mph. This means that in the current way of talking about serve speeds (ie., instantaneous ball speed just after racquet contact), then my low trajectory flat serves that hit the back fence hard are around 90 mph. Or something like that. (Corrections are welcomed)

I remember watching your serving vid. It didn't look like you were trying to hit hard at all. Just coming over the ball, and imparting good spin. Nice motion.

San Fran. Was out there in '67 and '68. Liked it a lot, but south Florida is much nicer.
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