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I had the pleasure of watching the Mid-Atlantic team (runner-up) play in person and knowing some of their players. The #1 singles player is on George Mason's roster, but is not a regular starter. He is still one of the best 4.5 singles players in the section. The #2 singles player was state runner-up 6 years back in Virginia HS AAA tennis, which is the best in Virginia. One of the best doubles players played for Catawba college which is DII tennis. Everybody else was older and accomplished a lot back in their heyday. Their team had 4 players bumped to 5.0 including the #1 singles players and the DII player.

I'll be playing up to 4.5 this year as a 4.0. Because of that advance and split rule, it'll make things really competitive this year in 4.5.
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