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Originally Posted by tball View Post
I've tried a few, and found most of them uncontrollable. Pro One 16x19 was disappointing as well. But I love X-Blue 99 (its feel and power level are just perfect for me, even though it sprays the balls a bit), and am having good results with Dual Pro 97.
Good comments above: for a foam-filled frames, they are not as full-bodied as the better Volkls.
I really couldn't agree with you more about the Blue 99. When I 1st got the Blue 99, I had been playing with the Dark Red 94.

IMO, the Dark Red 94 is a very maneuverable, precise, low power racquet. It was fantastic on kick and slice serves. Lot of spin and control on the serve. Just too unstable on returns and groundstrokes.

The Blue 99 is the holy grail for me, as far as the way it felt in my hand, along with the best swing i've ever felt on a racquet. I could feel the weight transfer of the racquet through the stroke and it is supremely stable. Very powerful, very true, predictable and consistent.

If you catch the ball late, it will fly. Not as forgiving on serve. Great for return of serve and hitting heavy, hard groundstrokes with depth,spin and pace. The swing weight on this racquet is absolutely perfect for me. On 1 handed backhands, it's a little harder to pull through, especially if you are rushed. Perfect for the 2hander.
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