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Originally Posted by YesTennis View Post
2. Has anyone played the 99S with gut/poly? I know Drakulie talked about this and waiting for his update.
Awesome! Tons of spin, pace, and comfort,,,,,, much more magnified than with full poly. However, I only got a little over 5 hours with gut (17 g) and 4g at 45 lbs. I'm currently trying it out with 16 g gut. Will post a full review soon.

Originally Posted by YesTennis View Post
3. I normally don't play full bed poly, so any updates on arm issues, etc.. after playing full bed Lux 4G?

Thanks in advance
No arm issues or fatigue. Very comfortable frame.

Originally Posted by Federerkblade View Post
lol ok > i thought hank or drak has said about 63 or 64...
Flex on a brand new 99s strung at 45 lbs on my Babolat RDC was 68. Although I agree with others that it doesn't feel that high,,,, feels more like in the mid 60's. Very comfortable frame for such a high flex rating.
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