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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
Oh please
Nothing he said pointed to him being "nasty" to them. If anything he's clearly civil now, did you forget that?.

Jaded was the wrong word. He was bent over kinda gasping though in a moment, so unless that's something he usually does while training, which I'd think is not, his fitness doesn't seem to be what it should right now.

Not speaking a word to those people is being needlessly rude and is being nasty to them. Unless you think it's good manners to behave that way to other people, but I wasn't raised to act like a spoiled brat.

I watched the video, and yes Nadal does bend over with his hands on his knees like that when he practices. Him doing that once sparked a huge debate if his knees were bothering him again on VB. He is probably doing it more than usual in this particular video, but like you said, his fitness is crap right now.

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