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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
First make sure they know how to hold the ball. The fingertips forming the holder and then opening like a flower opening its petals as they toss. Many times the problem is they are holding the ball wrong to begin with and release it sloppily and it goes out of control.

Pick out a spot on the court where the ball should land if they did not hit the ball and instead let it land. The perfect spot would be one where after they hit the ball, they would fall forward into the court.

Circle the spot with chalk. Have the kids toss over and over without swinging until they can have the ball land within that circle drawn on the court almost every time.

Proper height can be done with a wooden pole marked in increments. Adjust the proper height depending on the kid.

As far as the message getting through that the toss is the key, you can tell them over and over. But they will soon learn this is the truth from their own experience.
All of the above. Also in they are younger and smaller I will stand in front of them and put my hand up right where I want them to toss and have them toss up to my hand but have it barely touch my hand after a few attempts. You can also use a racket if they are taller. I also tell them to let their hand follow the ball up towards my hand to get nice follow through. If they are flicking with the wrist I also tell students to lift their arm from their elbow instead of lifting ball with hand helps to keep the arm extended and stops them from folding at the elbow joint. Have some more if those and TCF's don't help.
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