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Originally Posted by Rocky89 View Post
Not again with this. I'm sure he treats them perfectly fine, you are making these assumptions that he is a huge brat from one comment he made, was it not you who said everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt

From what we have seen or heard from countless experiences from fans and quotes from other players, sportsmen, media etc, he is a generally nice guy. He is a normal human being who obviously has bad days just like the rest of us and might get irritated or angry sometimes, but nothing suggests he is 'nasty' and a 'jerk' as a whole. Again you are making one exaggeration after another.

Trust me, I am far from being a fangirl worshipper, but your comments that he is such a spoiled brat and a jerk behind closed doors have no substance as there are heaps of sources to suggest otherwise.

He never said he hates animals.
And being afraid of the dark and living with your parents doesn't make you immature. Laughing at fart jokes makes you immature, not being close with your family.

Not according to his own comments. He whines about them, lets them in his home, and then totally ignores them. That's rude and bratty behavior no matter how you slice it.

There are also bad experiences with him. Fans that say he won't utter a word to them and won't even look them in the eye. I once saw a video of him on youtube taking a photo with a fan with such a thunderous face that it was frightening. Just tell the fan you don't want to do it if your just going to look so angry and put out by taking the photo that you look psychotic.

One could certainly deduce that he does. He once said that he doubts the intentions of dogs/animals, and will never have a pet. Funny thing is he doesn't doubt the intentions of people, who are the most dangerous, destructive and dishonest creatures to ever roam this earth. He is weird, immature, and VERY naive.

And so does playing video games in your underwear, biting controllers, and breaking them as well. Still reading children's comic books well into your mid-twenties is immature. Guess who did/does all of those things?
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