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Originally Posted by dyldore View Post
That's not what I meant. I just thought it was funny that you were saying you know that he's got an ugly side...even though we haven't seen it.Again, if you can say, without personally knowing him, that it's highly likely that he is a jerk. I, too, can say, without personally knowing him, that it's equally likely that he is not.

Also, I never even came close to saying that it is impossible for him to be a jerk, the closest I came to making a comment on it was that he seems like he is not a complete a**. That is hardly making a statement one way or the other.

But we HAVE seen it, and I have heard stories from fans and such that he can be unpleasant. The problem is ***** don't want to hear about those things so they shut them out in order to continue to live in their Nadal utopia. I have seen people on certain websites do this sort of thing time and time again.
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