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Default A few random questions!

Can someone explain the S hook technique? Sounds like a masterful idea to cure my lack of prince boomerangs. I can't seem to find the youtube vid.

How the heck do you guys get the strings so straight? Multis, monos, synthetic guts all look wobbly and unprofessional when i'm finished. Even some polys.

Any tips on stringing dense string patterns? When i try to do a quality rush job, my hands sweat like crazy. I'm still relatively new to stringing so any tips would help. I keep thinking if I'm having trouble with this noodley stuff, how am i going to handle something stiff like BBO??

How much do you guys increase the tension before tie offs? I actually just recently learned of this and plan to do some light experiments so I can get my tension true to racquet tune. I heard that a increase of between 5-8lbs on the last two crosses/mains(on my dropweight) would compensate for the loose knots and string from tie offs. True or false?

What easy knots do you guys recommend for stringing? 15-17g strings i use all Wilson Pro Knots, but anything thinner I try to do a bulky knot, but it looks sloppy sometimes.
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