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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
You don't think he comes across as immature? Lol. He's terrified of the dark, he hates animals and is terrified of them, he's paranoid, he can't do anything without being joined at the hip with his family, and he still lives with his parents at the age of 26 because he's afraid of being alone. He is immature and there's no denying it.

There's nothing stalker like about any of the stuff that was posted. The problem is Nadal fans like you, Vernonbc, and several others refuse to believe this guy is anything but purity in human form. Sorry to inform you, but he likes to party, he likes sex, he likes to drink/get sloshed, and he has been with other women besides the stone faced Xisca. He curses, and throws fits, and can be a total jerk if he feels like it. Knowing these things ruins the fantasy you people have created about Nadal being this innocent island boy who never steps out of line, so you poo poo anything about him you don't want to hear. It's a classsic case of denial.
No, I don't. A little child-like with some things, but that doesn't = immature.
He's never said he hates animals. And plenty of people are afraid of animals at that. Being close to his family doesn't make him immature, and there are reasons for not liking the dark, I understand it perfectly. Having some anxiety issues is not being immature either.

No, there isn't, did you miss the smiley I put?. It's simply that if anything is going to be considered stalker like it'd surely be that kind of stuff about his personal life and not a poster's comments about a public event he took part in.

I said none of that bothers me. Maybe it is you who had her pure image of him ruined by his Armani adds and the like, maybe that's why they upset you so much.

Originally Posted by Rocky89 View Post
Not again with this. I'm sure he treats them perfectly fine, you are making these assumptions that he is a huge brat from one comment he made, was it not you who said everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt
Only anything that suggests something positive about him. Anything negative must be taken at face value apparently (or greatly exaggerated).

Originally Posted by tusharlovesrafa View Post
I second this big time.Cristi keeps on arguing with Clarky,which ****es me off so much.Clarky is just so annoying,and seeing some one argue with her makes me throw up.
Originally Posted by vernonbc View Post
Third it. The more people keep arguing with Clarky the more deranged he gets. Leave him alone. Please. Don't give him the attention he is so desperately seeking.
Sorry guys but tough luck if you don't like it

Take my advice and just scroll down posts that bother you somehow.
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