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I was at the baseline when the other side hit a drop shot.
I took a sudden step forward, and felt a snap/pop in my calf.
It wasn't a terrible pain, but was uncomfortable enough to not be able to play anymore. I knew I had pulled it.

Next morning, the calf has tightened up significantly and I have a pronounced limp. It is not as bad as others who needed crutches or a boot. But, it looks like I will be watching movies all weekend.

There is no visible sign of any injury.
No swelling. No discoloration.
I assume this is only a mild tear.

It looks like I will not be doing tennis for a while.
Maybe I will wait until Spring, to play it safe.
In the meantime, I will resume my fitness routine after about a week of rest (Plyo/bodyweight/bootcamp, weights, yoga, Pilates, etc)
My job also involves a lot of walking, so that should avoid total stagnancy.
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