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Originally Posted by Jenks10 View Post
I was pushing off at the baseline for an easy shot & I stopped immediately & said "Did I just get hit with a tennis ball?" I was in such shock when my friend said "No". Our coach helped me off the court & immediately started ice.

As I sat there in shock, I knew this was more than just a simple calf strain. I reviewed the last 45 minutes - knowing I was completely warmed up (had just played a set of singles in 75* weather) How did this happen?!

I am 41 years old & very active. I grew up playing soccer & only started tennis a year & 1/2 ago. I fell in love with this sport and have been hooked ever since. Ironically, I am the person that encourages others to stretch before tennis and actually incorporated a yoga DVD into my regiment a few weeks ago.

After seeing an orthopedic doc the next day, he diagnosed me with a calf tear/strain. I cannot walk or put weight of any kind on my leg & am in a boot and on crutches. The strange thing is he pushed on my calf forcefully in many areas & to my surprise - No Pain! But, pressure from trying to walk is a different story.

If you have had an injury similar to this, I am interested to hear about your recovery. I have been faithful with Rest, Ice & elevation and am taking an anti-inflammatory. Doc also prescribed physical therapy 3 days a week for 4 weeks.

One lesson that I've already learned is one of compassion. This injury has touched my soul in the fact that I will reach out to those I know that become disabled with more than an "I'm so sorry". Although this injury can't begin to compare with the devastation of a permanent disability; the love, meals & visits from friends are what make this more tolerable.
Check if it's a ruptured plantaris muscle, I had that in both calfs, every painful, can't walk down stairs. Took me months on and off for it to work itself out.
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