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Originally Posted by joe49n View Post
Many, many years ago I had a bad case of tennis elbow. I gave up tennis for almost a year. I switched to a very light racquet, the Volkl Catapult 3. It was great. No more tennis elbow. About a year ago I started using Dunlop Sport Explosive Hybrid 16 gauge strings. I don't know if it is coincidence, but my tennis elbow is back, not as bad as I had it before. Is it possible that certain strings are worse than others for tennis elbow? If so, what string type, brand, etc., is used by people with tennis elbow that is helping them?
This year is my year of learning about injuries, seems I've had it all, calfs, golfers elbow, neck, tendon in the ankle.

The last thing to go, and I thought I'd never play serious again, was this golfers elbow. I don't know how old you are, I'm what like 38, anyways it was so bad it hurt to dry my hair, hurt to pick up the racquet.

Call me nuts, or perhaps it's just cooincidence, but I started HCG shots 500IU every other day, it's boosts testosterone, and I am totally pain free, I mean I played today, nothing, could run no pain in the legs, but my arm is what amazed me.

Testosterone my understanding builds muscles back up, repairs if you will, I'm not sure, and I realize this is just anecdotal evidence, but heh, I can play full speed again
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