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Hit for an hour last night with my machine with this gorgeous-simple frame. Was strung with MSV Hex-Soft 17 at 50 pounds. I am a 4.0 close to getting bumped to 4.5, medium pace groundstrokes and and topspin....make my living at my level with net play and my 6'4" height. Currently playing with Yonex Ezone Xi 100 and Rdis 200 Lite with full poly beds as well, so used to control and huge sweet spots.

I was worried about the size of the sweetspot after reading some reviews....the very first thing I did when I got this frame was replace the butt cap with the +10g weight. The sweet spot felt just as big as the Rdis 200 Lite that I use, and the frame felt a little more comfortable. Definitely a little less spin on groundstrokes, but I attribute that more to my technique. It was a little tougher for me to generate spin though.

At the net it felt very very comfortable, both on top of the net when I need a very quick frame for the balls firing at me......and even felt amazing around the service line for volleys. I am very happy with the purchase......not sure I would have done it for $150 up, but for $75 wow, what a steal of a racquet.

Another big point to mention, then standing of their head, the Donnay was a minuscule amount longer then the Rdis 200 Lite which is listed as 27". The frame seemed 27.25" at most, the length was not bad at all........hope this helps.
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