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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
No, I don't. A little child-like with some things, but that doesn't = immature.He's never said he hates animals. And plenty of people are afraid of animals at that. Being close to his family doesn't make him immature, and there are reasons for not liking the dark, I understand it perfectly. Having some anxiety issues is not being immature either.

No, there isn't, did you miss the smiley I put?. It's simply that if anything is going to be considered stalker like it'd surely be that kind of stuff about his personal life and not a poster's comments about a public event he took part in.

I said none of that bothers me. Maybe it is you who had her pure image of him ruined by his Armani adds and the like, maybe that's why they upset you so much.

Only anything that suggests something positive about him. Anything negative must be taken at face value apparently (or greatly exaggerated).

Sorry guys but tough luck if you don't like it
Take my advice and just scroll down posts that bother you somehow.

If Nadal is child-like that makes him immature unless you think kids are totally mature already.

Not a chance. Nadal was far from pure long before he did those ads. And the reason I don't like them is because they're crap, not because he is trying(and failing)to be sexy in them.

This could be said about people who think the sun shines out of Nadal's a**. Anything negative is immediately deemed as trolling, and then attacked fervently. Just look at Mr. Vernonbc,who still won't address me as female and instead passive aggressively attempts to insult me by calling me a "he", and that oddball Tushar, who I put on ignore eons ago because he went so far off the deep end. Both of them are trying to police what people talk about on here when it comes to Nadal because it doesn't suit them, and they want to continue their Nadal utopia. There are many others who are guilty of this as well, and one of them(feetofclay I believe)actually went as far as to try and scold me, and police what's posted on this thread a few pages ago. Why are Nadal fans like this? It's bizarre.

We definitely agree on this.

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