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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
OK then get your BP checked. If that is normal, you are probably OK.

Many people who "run out of breath" actually have high BP.
First, see a doc. Make sure it isn't a cardio or pulmonary problem.

If that all checks out, it sounds like poor conditioning and poor technique.

I used to sweat a lot and get out if breath on the court when no one else did. Beyond remembering to breathe, two things helped.

First, split step and recover immediately. Failing to split spent means you are constantly coming to a full stop after every shot. It uses energy to restart your motor. Also, if you don't recover after your shot and instead stand there flat footed and admiring it, then you will have to sprint for the next shot. That is exhausting.

Second, I learned to use my body better. Muscling the ball is exhausting. Lessons helped a lot with this.

Good luck!
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