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Originally Posted by nyc View Post
I'm currently playing full bed of MSV Hex 17 at 52-54# in my IG Prestige Pro.
Whilst I like this setup, I am looking for a Co-poly that has all the positive characteristics, but is a touch softer and has a bit more feel.

I have tried BHBR, and WC Silversting, but keep coming back to MSV Hex for better bite.

I found out about the MSV Hex soft version, and will order that one. Also have a set of BHB7 and will try that next. Any other Co-Poly strings people could recommend as a full bed?

Thanks for any input!
It has been released! MSV Focus-HEX Plus 38; 38% plus on elasticity vs. the original string.
I was able to test it during the last couple of months, diameters are from 1.15 and thicker. Black, red, white.
Got my 1.15 black reel today - great string, you may try it out. Don't know when G&G or TW will get it, but you can order as of today, directly from MSV.

cheers, gd!
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