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Originally Posted by db10s View Post
I didn't play with the intensity that I usually do.... My first serve was good but my second was mediocre at best. Another issue I had was staying in the rally, the speed of the hard courts was throwing me off. I let him get in my head to much. He is a fast paced player who will serve even if he has only one ball, and continued to yell at me for taking my 90 seconds on the changeovers (I never take that long, I only took that long in order to make him upset... ) and also for wanting a ball in my pocket on my first serve. He continued to act like he had no clue how to speak english... I later found out he was swearing perfecting fine in english on the other side (away from where the ref was). It was an interesting match, not something I would like to see again, but I know I will play more people like him.... Overall it was a good learning experience.
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