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Originally Posted by PigPen View Post
True, this constant experimentation with strings (and previously rackets) can be both fun and frustrating. When I was demoing rackets, my game really went downhill.
Yeah, I play better when I stick to one setup for an extended period. I've learned a ton from experiments. And hardware with a better "fit" determined by trying new stuff makes for a more enjoyable playing experience. But for competition you need "confident consistency" and that means a stable stroke which means you can't keeping hitting with a new setup every week with different power levels, swingweights, spin potential, etc.

Last year I hit with the Speed 300 for everything. This time I gave myself until December 31 to settle on a frame and string setup which I'll use throughout 2013. It's part of my evolving policy to stick to one setup spring through fall for competition and use winter to try new stuff. So I won't play league matches in the winter. By Dec 31 I'll have my final setup, play with it casually and in practice through late winter, and then use it for competition starting in the spring.
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