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I'm saying you need to be balanced and ready to go in any direction when your opponent is hitting. If it is a lob and you are at about the service line, you can cross and take that ball in the air. If it is a drive, you continue forward to and through your volley.

I haven't seen you play, of course. I am thinking primarily of a lady I know who gets burned by the lob when she S&V. Her issue is she is determined to get as close to the net as humanly possible. If the opponent hits a drive, she is all over it. If it is a lob, it is a winner because she has to stop all that excess forward momentum.

I believe the hair-on-fire sprint to the net results from people lacking confidence in their first volley from deeper in the court. If you get good at that volley, there's no need to come in so aggressively that you are vulnerable to the lob. IMHO.
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