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Originally Posted by Olybel View Post
Thank you for suggestions,

I decided to left corrections and training to his coach.

You may want to talk to your son's coach often about what you saw in practice or in the tournament matches, the areas that you think your son need to work on. This would make his private more focused and your son would improve more quickly. Most coaches are good at praising kids, but many often pay little attention on the bad habits or weakness or show no urgency to have them corrected. Also we as parents can learn how to coach better and earn our kids trust. Unless one has a deep pocket to pay a coach to tournament, we are the only 'coach' our kids can rely on after splitting sets. After our kids win more and more 3rd set, they would respect and trust us more, or be even more willing to hear our 'coaching tip' in practice. So, make yourself a volunteer assistant coach or like me, a volunteer consultant.
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