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Originally Posted by TimeToPlaySets View Post
Seems totally useless.
Drop feeding is certainly limited but can be helpful for working on technique (if you do it mindfully).

A quick anecdote from Vic Braden--

"...about three days later I was at the Los Angeles Tennis club and Stan was out on the court like a beginner, throwing the ball up and working on a topspin backhand. He would let the ball bounce, take his racquet back at eye level, then drop down with his thighs and lift up as he hit the ball."

"Stan" is Stan Smith. If drop feeding was useful for him, it's probably potentially useful for most of us.

Another anecdote (based on memory, but I think it's accurate): somebody once asked Tony Larson on this board about how he mastered the 2hbh. If I remember right, Tony responded that one of the keys was when an instructor insisted that he use his backhand when feeding the ball to start rallies. Pretty powerful evidence that drop-feeding can make a difference.

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