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Pretty much, even Henin was basically a big hitter in a small package, I wonder if Sabatini would have turned out be a moonballer regardless if she was coached by someone else than Gimenez (ie how much he influenced her to go in that direction).
I think Carlos Kirmayer who coached her for awhile made her more agressive. Not so much off the ground perhaps, but he had her attacking the net and becoming alot more agressive that way, and going for a bit more off the ground as well, but mostly becoming an all court player rather than trying to outgrind bigger hitters off the ground. She played her best ever tennis from 1990-1992 under him, unfortnately for her Seles was unbeatable in big matches off of grass, and Steffi Graf was unbeatable still on grass. Too bad she didnt stay with him longer, especialy from 93 onwards when the womens game went downhill with Seles stabbed, Navratilova phasing out altogether, Graf constantly injured, Capriati burning out out and gone, Fernandez's career going downhill with injuries, but she herself was part of that decline with her own massive decline and couldnt capatilize on it. It was sad to watch her play in 1995, she had lost so much, and at a time Sanchez Vicario was reaching #1 and Martinez #2 at one point, she really could have won some big titles if she were in her 91 form.
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