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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Where would you rate Serena against those two? I also think Pierce off the ground is comparable to those but her serve is not as big as those others, and she doesnt finish the points at the net as often or well.
Serena hits quite hard too but not as hard as her sister IMO. Serena's footwork isn't what it could be so quite often she's hitting either off her back foot or back on her heels, and only her upper body strength allows her to still get decent power on the ball. I always thought that Venus moved just a bit better and had better footwork than Serena did/does.

As for Pierce she is right up there too but needed to be "on" to come close to generating the type of power that Davenport did consistently and Lindsay made it look effortless, with no grunting (I miss the days of quiet women's tennis!), just pure easy clean flat power.

Seles could hit the ball hard but not quite as much as the others mentioned here. However, Monica was the prototype power hitter off both sides (and the most powerful of her era) which is now pretty common on the women's tour.

I'd also throw in Capriati's name into the mix too. Definitely possessed a lot of power when she was at her very best.

As an aside, if we'd been discussing just a player's single stroke I'd have to go with the Graf forehand - IMO it's still the single most devastating weapon I've ever seen a woman tennis player possess.

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