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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
If Nadal is child-like that makes him immature unless you think kids are totally mature already.

Not a chance. Nadal was far from pure long before he did those ads. And the reason I don't like them is because they're crap, not because he is trying(and failing)to be sexy in them.

This could be said about people who think the sun shines out of Nadal's a**. Anything negative is immediately deemed as trolling, and then attacked fervently. Just look at Mr. Vernonbc,who still won't address me as female and instead passive aggressively attempts to insult me by calling me a "he", and that oddball Tushar, who I put on ignore eons ago because he went so far off the deep end. Both of them are trying to police what people talk about on here when it comes to Nadal because it doesn't suit them, and they want to continue their Nadal utopia. There are many others who are guilty of this as well, and one of them(feetofclay I believe)actually went as far as to try and scold me, and police what's posted on this thread a few pages ago. Why are Nadal fans like this? It's bizarre.

We definitely agree on this.
But that is why I used "child-like" and not "childish". It's my understanding that the former doesn't have the negative connotations of immaturity the later has.
There are aspects to his personality which are child like, like maybe his giggling, his being afraid of thunderstorms or the dark. But other than that he always comes as quite a mature person in interviews. Much more than players older than him. Maybe this is why he seems to have several friends quite older than him...

You can't be serious (not that he even has to try...).

Maybe, surely I see some of that in Nadal fans in, for example, insisting he has no problem with the anti-doping tests and is not complaining, when he clearly is (and, might I say again, has every right to). But I don't know what problem you have with Vernon or any Nadal fan here, they're all basically very nice from what I can tell. Maybe in other websites what you said would apply more...

But you do that as well. For example, you took his word right away that he was a little burnout last year. But you don't if he says he's grateful for what tennis has given him and knows he's fortunate.
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