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Default Tennis Academy in Florida for Adults

I am looking to go somewhere to go for maybe a week or something where I can get a bang for my buck. I am currently a college student so I am on a budget. I am looking for something reasonable.

I read a lot of great things about Saddlebrook from many users here. That's the type of workout I want. After reading up on some of the posts from other users here, it seem that Saddlebrook is a very intense program. I don't mind going during the off season to save some money. I would also be driving there as long as it's somewhere in Florida.

I have no idea how much these things cost as I have never been to one before. I have also never had any coaching before this. I pretty much learned the game hitting against the wall and playing a lot of matches. I am currently a very solid 4.5 player in my 20s. I play random 4.5 USTA tournaments but don't play leagues even though I have been asked to play on many 4.5 teams because of conflict with school schedule.

I am looking to really try and improve and get to 5.0 in perhaps a year or two. To do so, I have to get more consistent and work on my serve more. I just want to get the experience of going to one of these places to see if it can help me improve some stuff in my game.

I am planning to go on this trip with maybe 1 or 2 friends who are at the same level as me. My budget is around 1k more or less. I have no idea what that would get me. But I am hoping during the off season the prices aren't so bad.

I hope to hear of some recommended places from other users here to help me in choosing a place to go to.
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