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Originally Posted by TimeToPlaySets View Post
Yea, but you're also advocating being in "no man's land" which is the first thing you learn not to do in tennis. I recall being told by my coach to let them lob you. It's a low % shot and if they get it, good for them, but you'll win way more points going to the net than losing via a lob. So, if that's true, my problem is going in on the wrong shots, not being out of position to play the lob. I am saying if you do it right, they can not hit a deep lob. Like an easy shot to their forehand, don't go it. Massively topspin and deep to their back hand? Let them lob away.
I tend to agree with this. If I'm getting consistently beat by lobs when I try to come in, I'm going to look to the quality of my approach shots before anything else. I also think that if my approach shot is mediocre enough to be easy to place lobs consistently well, it's probably would also not be too difficult to dump right at my feet if I'm split stepping on the service line. Hitting volleys of my shoestrings from the service line is obviously not a great position to be in either.

I'm no S&V expert by any stretch either though.
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