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Originally Posted by CStennis11 View Post
Just a few questions for you Yonex if you don't mind.
I have noticed that you mention a few of your opponent's serve to be very good and unbelievable.
How big is the difference between their serves and yours before you ventured on this journey when you were a 4.5? What level was your serve at during this your 4.5 level of play?
How much of a difference does exercise, fitness and diet actually matter?
Thanks in advance and I apologize if these questions have been answered before.
Good luck!
sorry for the late reply CStennis, i dont get on this site as much as before. ill try and answer your q's for what its worth.

i actually feel my serve has always been pretty good and one of the stronger parts of my game. the problem i noticed as i played better and better players is that my first serve % is not as strong as it should be. when i would have to rely on my second, it would get attacked by the better players. this would essentially force me to have to hit weaker, but higher % first serves and i wouldnt get the free points i was used to. i also noticed how inconsistent my serve can be. some days im bombing aces, others i cant find the service box.
the better players i play have big serves that are consistent. some of them are real fast, but others are just placed well. some guys have real good spin and it takes a while to adjust. i think one of the bigger problems is that when i play some of the higher players, their serves are much better than im used to and it takes at least 3 games to adjust.

fitness is probably one of the most important things i have noticed. especially for older guys like me when playing against some of these college kids. when im playing some of the better guys out there i find myself able to hit with them and play really fun and competitive fast paced points. however, the next point i cannot give 110% like i did on the previous point. this is situation that seems to happen to me a lot in open tournaments. we will start out having good fast paced play for 3 to 4 games, going serve for serve. then we will come to my serve and have some long points where i had to go all out to keep my self in the game. eventually it goes to 30 all and we begin to go all out again, but this is when i lose a step and make a dumb error or give an opportunity for an easy winner. being tired, i dont get the pop behind my serve that i normally should and either cant equal the score, or if i do going to duece and back to ad a few times really kills me. eventually i get broken and lost the first set 3-6 or 4-6. the next set kind of works the same way, except now im even more tired. its my fault for not being in better shape, but lately time has not been my friend to improve upon this. in order to win, you have to be in shape to give 110% on every point. these guys are so good that if your not they will exploit your weakness every chance they get.
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