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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
Big Ted it was surprising to read that Bollettieri and a few other tennis insiders said Rios was a very hard worker. Rios presented the contradictary illusion that he was nonchalant and didn't care or feel like trying so hard. Guess that was all a clever deception by Rios. Which worked to some extent.

some players just have that personality like sampras and edberg, esp earlier in their careers. when they were winning, they looked so smooth like they werent even trying hard but when they were losing it still looked like they werent trying. anyway i think alot of it had to do with rios mental ability. his game was there but maybe lack of desire, nerves, etc... he could not even win his hometown tournament in chile once, that to me says he did not play his best under pressure and when expectations were on him. who on the other hand, champions like becker and sampras for example thrived and actually played better when the pressure was on
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