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Originally Posted by ProRadTour View Post
Smirker, what Angell Frame/configuration do you play with? I am actually looking at buying one, just haven't heard/seen any detailed feedback on their frames. I actually like the look of the Angell paint job except for the massive writing at the top of "CUSTOM". Why do they do that? Anyone buying their frames is obviously aware that the have chosen a configuration that is custom. I don't need to be reminded every time I look down at my racket that it is custom.

Stringers, would love to hear how you have found that frame so far.
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The custom writing is quite subtle and not really noticeable but I know what you mean. The first time out with it was a revelation. Not so great today but I was having a bad day on the court due to tiredness/hangover. Still won the match though. My impressions are that it's a solid, no nonsense frame that delivers a penetrating ball if you get your prep and feet right. Served really well with it, several aces and no doubles.
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