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my parents are the exact same. But especially Alu and rpm wont last you 2 weeks if you hit really hard. I would suggest Volkl Cyclone, dunlop black widow, and if you want something that would play a little longer than blast i would choose RPM Team ( i use it with my PD2012). But overall these 3 i would chose volkl cyclone because it is not expensive like rpm and alu, plus it plays 2x longer than rpm and alu and a little better than these strings.

And vs and pht will last atleast a month or 2 but im guessing the pht will die before gut does

But answer some of these questions so i know which string would be good for you:

Do you play with topspin? _
Durability or playability? _
How often do you play and how long? _
What do you want out of a string? _
Any arm/elbow problems? _
Control or power? _
do you play competitively, for fun, team? etc. _
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