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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
Can you elaborate on your testosterone steroid program please? Are these actual injections and under a supervised prescription? I am 45 years old very active and athletic but I can feel my body aging and curious about every advantage possible to strengthen and have more energy.
Sure, it's not taking Testosterone, that alone will reduce your body to produce it naturally.

HCG shots, 500IU every other day forces your body to produce it's own Testosterone naturally. Until last year, you could get it without a prescription, but since there is this weird diet associated with it, that is basically starving yourself, the extra Test supposed to hold onto muscle, the FDA made it so it's only legal with a prescription.

I would look here for more information

All you are doing is RESTORING your Testosterone to when you were much younger, no side effects, no complications, it's AWESOME.
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