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Drop feeding is great for developing rec players, IME. If you don't have the budget for tons of instruction but you need to work on muscle memory or change one specific thing about your stroke, drop feeding is awesome.

I did a lot of it to get used to the feel of SW grip, for instance. I also taught myself to hit topspin lobs off of both wings that way. It's also very good for learning to put away mid-court sitters -- toss the ball up over the T, crush. It's probably one of the reasons why I like paceless balls.

I think drop feeding can be better (or maybe just different) than hitting off the wall. Most people I see hitting off the wall are slamming the ball, which is back on them quickly. So they do an incomplete swing to be ready. How is that helpful? With drop feeding, you can take your time and do the thing right so you build some muscle memory.
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