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Originally Posted by Jqlevy View Post

I mainly need something that can last me a few months without going dead.
I play 4 to 5 days a week for 2 hrs a day
So you need a string that will endure 80-100 hours of hitting, without significantly losing its properties? I'm afraid that's unrealistic goal

In addition, let's do some math:

Here in Belgrade, playing on a typical red clay court would cost me ~7 USD per hour. In winter time, the price goes up to 10-15 USD per hour. If I would play 100 hours over two months, like you, I would have to spend at least ~700 USD, plus transportation costs, parking costs, water/refreshments etc. OK, maybe you have some arrangements with your club, but I doubt that you play tennis for free in the United States

Now, during these 200 hours of hitting, I would also "burn" at least 20-30 tennis balls, that will cost me additional 40-60 USD, and I would partialy wear my tennis shoes (~20-30 USD worth amortization costs).

Considering all of these costs, should I really try to save money by playing with the same string for two months?

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