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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
That's amazing! I'd love to see these teams play in their normal league. They must just clean house on the way to Nationals.

The sad truth 4.5 in our area died out. In large part I heard it was because of this team among other reasons. The recruiting of nationally ranked JC players was a major beef from what I heard. A lot of the other teams left and went to form their own league which was and currently is wildly more successful than the USTA for 4.5+ players. This super team basically played a half baked schedule against one other team (yes there were just 2 teams in the league) just so they had the minimum number of matches. In a sense it was unfair to other teams nationwide because they were able to hide out all their best players in this joke league and just play the bare minimum. If they had to play a full schedule with tough teams, some of their top players likely would have been DQ'ed or grievances filed is my guess.
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