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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Obviously you had to add lead to get the plow through and power desired. Hence why I said that they lack those two attributes...
Not exactly Mike. First of all, I have a history with TE, so I can't hit with stiff frames which naturally give more power.

I wanted the frames more head light first and foremost. Second, I wanted to slow down my swing and heavier frames do this. I tend to have a very fast flat forehand, and adding weight slows it down, and yes, increases the plow-through.

I added the same amount of weight to my Pure Drives in the same places and hit with them until my elbow said "No more"

I get plenty of power off a stock Pro Open and stock PDGT. But if you want the frames more headlight, adding weight in the handles moves the balance point to exactly where I wanted it.

But my natural inclination is for frames in the 337 to 342 gram weight range, not around 320 grams which is where both the Pro Open and PDGT come in with a full bed of string and an overgrip. A 2012 PDGT+ weighs 2 grams more than a 2012 PDGT unstrung.

All these frames are so easy to customize, yet so few players ever try lead or experimenting with moving the balance points. Sure I could play with a PDGTR and it's heavier more headlight frame, but it would still be too stiff for my elbow. Yep, I tried it also. Too stiff for me. It felt like a board to me. However, the Wilson Six-One 95 16x19 fits my game much better with it's 10 Pt HL and 346 gram weight.
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