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Your coach is from the noisey school, he must of picked that up when he played Davis Cup. I prefer the quiet school of tennis, it's one of the few activities on the planet that is still "relatively" quiet. Making a lot of sounds on a tennis court can be disturbing to neighboring courts and angers the gods. What happened to the coach you had awhile back with the cute foreign accent? If your coaches knew how to teach you wouldn't be always coach shopping.

Players cover their own lobs, no need to do the Chinese fire drill. If they lob over your head, move back a step--if they lob successfully over your head again, just say "Nice shot" and move back another step. Your opponents are gauging their lobs by where you are standing--eventually their lobs will fly long--it's easier to run forward then back.

If your "new" partner is too old and slow to cover her own lobs, she's gonna' be too slow to do the "switch" thing successfully to cover the open court, especially against decent opponents who can aim the ball.

All things being equal, the player who hit the first volley hits the next, because they can, and are in rhythm with the ball.

In my experience when partners rackets clash, good things usually happen, a testament to teamwork--your team's results may vary. I only say "YOURS" as an after thought on the court to emphasize to my (temp) partner that lacking court sense and attention, they xcrewed up.
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox

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