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Default Statistical oddity Martina-Evert Grass.

Barely worthy of its own thread but, if I count correctly, they played 15 times I think. Evert won 5 of them, but only two of all of those matches were straight setters and 13 went three. That has to be a numerically very unusual percentage to go to a final set, considering the sample size. In contrast, of 11 clay meetings, 7 were straight setters including all three of Martina's clay victories . Of their 80 matches, 53 were straight setters. Why couldn't Navratilova keep things as simple on grass as every other surface? Its not as though that serve was likely to be less consistently effective there than on hard, indoor or clay. Yet every Australian meeting, including one in Sydney, went three; the Eastbornes went three, and of their Wimbledon meetings, 6 went three and two did not. Another way to see this, of the last 10 times they met on grass, only the '84 wimbledon was straights. Strange.

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